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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Fix It

Owen got a new tool set from a friend and he is in tool heaven. It is fully equipped with real tool sounds and a complete tool bench. The only problem that we have is that the girls want to steal all the new tools and use them. The kids love it and have been playing with it all day. Thank you Frost family. ~Erik


Anna said...

That last pic looks like a Home Depot advertising campaign! Such cuties!

Tyler 2nd RS said...

That would be Isaac's dream come true! All those tools in one place... actually, I take that back. He would probably still steal Jerr's tools. Owen is so cute, I sure would like to squeeze those cheeks!

Jamma said...

How fun...I have some things in my house that could use some fixing...come on over Mr. Fix it. The kids are so cute!!