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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dude don't jump!

We went down to the beach again... There is this old bridge that the kids love to play on. Owen is a bit of a wildman and Angela kept asking me if it was safe. My normal reply is "He is fine, he won't die, blah blah blah." Unfortunately this sets me up for failure sometimes. Not 2 minutes after assuring my wife that she was over protective, there goes Owen dangling over the edge of the bridge. Fortunately he didn't fall but it was certainly close enough that it was time to go after the incident. He could have fallen head first, 15 feet down on chunks of concrete. Needless to say Angela didn't have to say "I told you so." Here are a few pictures from the outing. I was able to grab a few good images before Owen tried to hurt himself. ~Erik


Sadie Does Life said...

Scary Erik!!! You dads are all alike...Glad the little man still has his mellon in tact!

The Dorman Family said...

Kaitlyn looks soo much like Anna in this picutre! Wow!