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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buddy Bear

Kaitlyn's teacher has a teddy bear that is about 20 years old that gets to come home with the kids. Each kid gets a turn to bring the bear home for the night and write about his adventures in a little journal. The kids put pictures of themselves with Buddy Bear in the journal along with what they write. The bear comes with a bag of clothes and the girls had fun changing his outfit every 2 minutes or so. Here are some of Kaitlyn's pictures with Buddy Bear. They watched TV and played outside and had dinner together. Kaitlyn and Dad staged a sleeping picture, but she really did sleep with him and hold on tight all night. The last picture is of Oliver and Buddy Bear. They had a few outfits that matched, so we decided to dress them up to look alike. All in all, Kaitlyn had a blast. She was so excited that it was finally her turn to bring him home. What a cute idea from her teacher! -Angela


Anna said...

Oliver's probably thinking, "Dude what is that ratty old thing. I'm not diggin this." I can see it in his eyes. :D Miss you and love you. THat night picture is great. It looks real!

LA Law said...

Love the matching outfits. You over-achievers!