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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tooth Party

We had the Hansens over the other night and Taegan had a loose tooth. My dad is an expert at tooth pulling and asked if Taegs wanted him to pull the tooth. I think the old man has pulled ~572 teeth. Anyways he pulled the tooth and Taegan was stoked, in fact all the kids were jazzed. I snapped a few pictures of the other kids and they turned out really nice. The Hansen kids have such amazing brown eyes. It is nice when they come over because the kids just run around and play. ~Erik


Anna said...

Dad is some sort of tooth-pulling wizard! I cringe but he knows exactly how to do it! And those Hansen kids are so cute! I can't believe how much they look like Hansen's!

Sadie Does Life said...

Dang I have some cute neices and nephews! That little girl of yours sure is sassy!! I love it!!! All great kids!

Miles and Bex said...

Must say those kids are good looking! Thanks for dinner. It was great!