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Friday, July 11, 2008

Dr Nels Anderson photoshoot...

Our family physician (Dr Nels Anderson) is running for State Senate this November. He needed some pictures for his campaign and Pepper volunteered me. I told Doc that you get what you pay for... but the photo shoot ended up being really fun. He is running on the Democratic ticket and will be running against Tom Waggoner. Doc is an intriguing fellow. He spends his spare time with the Boy Scouts, gardening, family and is a fertility expert. I am a registered Republican but I like Doc enough that I would be temped to cross party lines. Good luck with the campaign Doc. ~Erik
Visit Dr Nels Andersons website.


Jamma said...

Really nice pictures Erik. I enjoy looking at your family blog because the pictures are always so beautiful and alone tell a wonderful story and the kids are so CUTE!! Love to you all!! Aunt Diane

Fishin' Ponds said...

I would say I'm sorry I volunteered you, but you did a GREAT job!! They turned out awesome. I had no doubts you would do just as well as some professional photographer. Anywho...good job!! I'm sure Doc loved them.