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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Family Pictures

I got the stupid idea that family pictures would be nice. Angela always gets on my case because I usually just line the kids up and fire away with the camera. This usually includes part of their last meal (on face and hair), stains on their clothes and blood on their knees. So....we got all cleaned up and took some pictures. It wasn't long before Kaitlyn had Kali in a WWF knee to the head move as shown in the first picture but we somehow managed to get a few decent shots. My technique is to take alot of pictures in hopes that one will turn out OK. Hope you enjoy the pictures because it was a pain to get them.

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massey said...

Your stories are just too funny! I can really visualize the "behind the scenes" taking place when I read your narration. The pictures are fabulous! We miss you guys ~ Reed and Annie

Tyler 2nd RS said...

That first picture is so sweet!! Go Katelyn! Annie was right, the "behind the scenes" pictures are awesome.You are getting all fancy with the camera, black and white with your red shirts, I like that picture. Your kids are so cute, but maybe you should have shaved that scruff off your face Erik! Are you going for the man in the soap operas look?? Haha