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Friday, September 21, 2007

Autumn is Here!

Today we took a trip to Hope (Google Earth Link), a very small town of probably 2 people. It used to be a gold mining town back in the day. Anyways, the weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. We even got to see a black bear in the road. Fall in Alaska is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not sure if these pictures do it justice. The berries are highbush cranberries - I picked a bunch of them and made some jelly that wasn't my favorite, but it's worth a shot, right? We also went hiking. The self portrait of Erik with Owen was taken off our minivan window. We had a super fun day and are really making it a point this year to get out and explore Alaska. It's such a wonderful place to live.

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Tyler 2nd RS said...

Cute pictures. I love all 2 weeks of fall in Alaska also!! It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun this year. And the kids are so cute too!! You guys should go to Hatcher's Pass. It is pretty far away, but it is so pretty and awesome up there. There are loads of cool places to take pictures . There are old mines and stuff. And of course there are loads of berries.I think they close it in Novemeber or Decemeber depending on snow!

massey said...

Great pictures as always...my fav is the self portrait of Erik and Owen...cool! It's so great you all are seeing AK as everyone should.

Alisha said...

K, Angela, everytime I look at your blog I feel like I'm flipping through a National Geographics magazine! =) Awesome pics. Miss you tons!