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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Angela is a very patient woman, well most of the time. She lets me jump out of the van and fire away as many shot as I can within an allotted amount of time. The amount of time I am allowed to shoot is dependent on the kids' dispositions. With an appointment looming, she let me get some quick shots down at the Kenai beach. 12 minutes and 65 shots later I got a couple that I liked. I was messing around with the color and trying to get in touch with my artistic side. Not easy to do when you are an engineer. Hope you like the pictures.


Tyler 2nd RS said...

Cool pictures, not too bad for an engineer. I really like the one of Katelyn! How about if we fly you down to take pictures of the boys?? We have not found anyone we really love to take pictures here.

massey said...

I love this one of Katelyn! Gotta love the artistic side of car engines/parts on the Kenai beach....only in Alaska?! And we'd also love to commission you as well to take our pictures. Hey you might be able to quit your day job Erik!!!