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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What not to do with your boat (Part 3)

When we woke up the next morning the tide was out and this poor fellow anchored his boat a little too close to shore. When the tide went out his boat hit the rocks. Fortunately, nothing major happened to his boat and when the tide started rising again his boat floated once again. It was a nice morning with no wind and sun. Kind of a novelty in Alaska. The boys were a bit slow getting out of bed. You can see in the last picture this kid was either warming up his socks or drying them out. Don't know, but I'm sure his mother wouldn't have approved. That's why boys go on camping trips right, to get away from mom. It was a very fun trip. ~Erik
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Tyler 2nd RS said...

As a woman, I always wonder what goes on at these campouts....now I know. We just had a father/son campout her a few weeks ago. David called around 11pm and all I could make out from his jibberish was "mom, I have been eating candy all night long, and running around and around." It is good for men and boys to have that "alone" time. Away from the eyes of their mommies. So they can dry their socks comfortably over the fire without their mom's nagging!

Anna said...

That looks like fun. Ahh, to be 14 aND silly. Lifting logs and falling down cliffs. :) Can't wait to come up. Like literally, I can't wait. I talked to Peter and he's coming up too and wants to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

OK, I don't get it. What does all this have to do with the Massey family? Where are my little blond princesses? (all 3 of them!) Why are there men and dudes doing manly things when I'm used to dress-up parties and cake decorating? . . . You know, real Massey stuff.

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