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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Lady Is HOT!

Yep that's right, six months prego and still hot. We took a trip to Homer today so I could drop off the boat for maintenance. Only Owen and Kali went because Kaitlyn was in school. While we were there I wanted to take a picture under the dock. The Schemanski's took a few shots there that turned out stellar, you can see them here. Imitation is the best form of flattery. The last picture I added some flash and a bit of a warming gel. Hopefully we will be boating soon. ~Erik


Ian and Beth Leach said...

Your lady IS hot. Ian didn't say anything yesterday because he didn't know if it was appropriate, but he thinks that Angela looks really good pregnant. He was surprised that you haven't gained any weight anywhere but your belly. Thanks for the pressure, now I'm not allowed to get chubby.

Smedley Family said...

oooooh!!! you guys will have to call us if you are in need of 'company' on that boat of yours!!! :D we'll let you know when we are thinking of coming down for dipnetting too!

p.s. you look so cute angela!!!