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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids at the beach!

Yesterday the clouds were just gorgeous so I wanted to get some pictures. I asked Kali if she wanted to go to the beach. She said "Yeah! Wait are you going to take pictures?" I said yep and she politely declined the invitation. I had to coerce her and Kaitlyn by telling them that they would be the stars of the blog. So here you have it, the stars of the blog, Kaitlyn and Kali. They wanted to name the post "Supermodels go to the beach." I vetoed the name because who knows what type of creeps would be google searching that. Oh great, I added it to the text, its searchable now. Anyways enjoy the pics. Still loving the high speed sync so I can get more texture out of the clouds at higher shutter speeds. ~Erik


russ said...

wow!!!! You are such an awesome photographer!!! Can you come take some super rad pictures of our kids, please:). Your family is adorable, and your girls ARE supermodels:) Great work!!! as always!!!!