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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Family Time!

We took the boat out for the first time this year. It would have been better if I could have been killing halibut but the family trip was pretty fun. My parents are on a cruise so the siblings all got together for the boat trip. We went to one of our favorite spots. We were a bit late on the tide or we could have gotten some clams. I say that because Angela likes to clam but doesn't like eating them. I on the other hand love eating clams but hate digging them. A match made in heaven. Unfortunately her zeal for digging clams had been hampered by her pregnant belly.
I twisted Matt's arm and got him to come on the trip with us. The kids love having him around. It was also nice that Missy, Kim and Troy were able to come. Tomorrow I'll post some other pictures from the trip. ~Erik


Ian and Beth Leach said...

Wow, could Massey's look any more alike? Even with Matt's mop, you can tell you're all siblings.