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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here are a few more picture from our trip over the weekend. One of the kids favorite thing to do over at Jackolof bay is to fish off the dock. I don't know what the fish are but I have heard them called Tom cods. Anyways the kids love to catch them, and I like it because we just let them go. All the fishing took it right out of Matt. As you can see below he needed to take a nap on the dock before we headed back. Unfortunately the kids kept yelling and waking him up. So sad... The last picture of Owen was in the pirate cave. OK maybe it was a crack in the rock but the kids thought it was a secret cave. ~Erik


Anna said...

I can totally see Matt sleeping on the dock, probably really comfortable because he doesn't fit in his bed anymore. I would imagine, I'm just guessing. Wish I was there!