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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ice Racing, you can't be serious...

We took a family trip to Homer today, cabin fever is setting in. The kids are going a bit stir crazy and Angela and I were ready to beat them. It was a nice sunny day in Homer which is usually about 15 degrees warmer than Slowdotna. We drove towards the spit and saw some racing. I wish I could say we planned on going to the race but we just got lucky. The race was on a lake which was plowed into a race track. The cars had big studs in the tires, not your standard girly studs, I mean big honkers. You can see them in the picture above. The first 2 pictures were from the modified class. Crazy frankenstein looking cars, but they are fast. The stock class is shown in the last picture, the cars had wrap-around bumpers. Yep, they go all the way around. I guess that when they hit each other it minimizes the damages. It was like a cross between dirt track and demolition derby. I love Alaska...~Erik
I will post some more pictures from the trip tomorrow. More shots here.


Tyler 2nd RS said...

If you loved it in Alaska, you should have seen it in Louisiana! Then you would have seen some truly "modified" cars! Fortunatley for you, it was probably too cold to see any trashy scantily clad, drunk girls walking around, like Louisiana!