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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where did you buy that backdrop?

Alaska is cold and crappy for the most part from November to March but even with the cold it is a gorgeous place to live. It has been clear the last few days and we have had some nice sunsets. I figured that even with the cold weather we should monopolize on the natural backdrop. It is pretty funny that when you drop the background a couple stops it almost looks like a printed background. I can tell you that you won't find another backdrop like this one. On a side note I went to get this picture printed at a local Fred Meyers and they said they needed the professional photographers release to print the picture. It was almost like they didn't believe that I took the picture. See my right hand, I am holding a remote trigger with 2 second delay. I took the picture. Hopefully they will print my picture now that I signed a release for my own prints. Another shot here. ~Erik


Jamma said...

What a great family picture and what a beautiful backround. You are such a cute little family. Erik you are just getting so good..I must say you are as good as a professional. Keep up the good work.

josh said...

Nice E, very impressive. Still working on getting that flash.... merry Christmas

josh said...

P.S. my mom loves your blog.