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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chirstmas Morning...By Owen

So, my mom got me out of bed way to early this morning, that is how my day started. I guess I should back up a month or so...right after Thanksgiving my parents put up this fake tree that has all sorts of neat stuff on it. I grab the nice shiny toys that are hanging on the tree and mom or dad yells at me. Seems a bit weird, but my dad has always been a bit off. Anyways my mom has been dragging me around town and keeps wanting me to sit on this creepy guys lap, most of the time I try and smile but sometimes it just makes me cry. My sisters keep talking about this thing called Christmas, yeah, yeah, I was around last year but I can't remember that far back. That was a half a lifetime ago, literally. So my sisters keep taking about this Santa guy and how he just brings presents. Once again seems a bit weird to me. That brings us back to this morning. Mom gets me up way to early, fortunately it wasn't to early to find my happy place.

I notice the stockings that were hanging on the walls have some stuff in them. Odd, but I am waking up a bit. Wow there is some pretty neat stuff there.

What is that thing on moms arm? Dude, is that a dog with a hat on?

Whoah, the dog moves his mouth and sings songs. That is really strange.

He is singing Christmas songs, that is funny. I mean really funny. Who ever heard of a singing dog.

Seriously, I can't get enough of this dog. I can't stop laughing. Oops, I just peed my pants. Good thing for diapers.

We opened some presents from family. My Uncle and Aunt got me this sweet pop up Peter Pan book. I mean skull and cross bones on a pop out pirate ship cool.

I won't lie, all this playing made me really hungry so I decided to whip something up for breakfast. I figured french fries, boiled orange and waffle in a pan would probably do just the trick. That is the nice thing about living in this day and age, a guy and cook and its not looked down on. What can I say, I am a new age man.

I would have to say, all in all it was a wonderful day. Hopefully next year Santa will find our house again. ~Owen


Coburn Kids said...

That is exactly the reaction to the pop-up book we were hoping for. I think Chris had the same look on his face while looking through the book. Of course we had to buy a copy to add to our collection of Robert Sabuda pop-ups. We are excited to introduce these books to our sweet nephew (and nieces).

josh said...

Boiled orange is a personal favorite.

Jamma said...

Owen is such a cute little guy. I love his facial expressions!! Sounds like you had a Merry Christmas

The Kellers said...

I must be in a funny mood, cause I just laughed at everything you wrote!! I love reading your posts. Have a happy New Year guys!!