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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Volleyball Game

Skyview had a regional game against SOHI their rival. I should be a bit more involved with my little sister Missy's games but I find I have enough going on with my own family. I did make it to my one game for the season. Skyview ended up winning and Missy had a really good game, it was fun to watch. As you can see by the pictures I used some off camera flashes. I set up 2 flashes, one near mid court and one on the far end of the gym. I got in trouble by one of the ref's for pointing a flash towards him. Missy got a bit embarrassed because they stopped the game and told me to move my flash. Big baby (the ref)... You can see more pictures on my flickr photo stream.


Meyer family said...

Awesome pictures Eric!! Good Job!
I would love a cd of those pictures!