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Friday, November 7, 2008

Craft Night

I wanted to learn how to make korker hair bows. So, I googled it and found out. After an hour of cutting and curling and stuff, I decided it was easier to buy them. But they did turn out super cute. So, if you're curious how it's done, Step 1: clip ribbons into equal sizes (or unequal if you want to). Step 2: Put clear nail polish on all the ends to prevent fraying. Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around 1/4 in. dowels (or smaller or larger depending on preference). I secured them with clothespins. Step 4: Bake the dowels at 275 for 20 minutes. I put foil on the oven rack and stuck them right on the foil. Step 5: arrange the ribbons to look cute - tie some thread around it and hot glue to barrette.

While Angela was making her hair ribbons I had a project of my own. I made an imitation Lumiquest mini lightbox. I got the instruction here. It takes some of the harsh light away when shooting with a speedlight. All of Angela's pictures above were taken with the new mini softbox. ~Erik


Anna said...

Whatcha doin Angela? Makin some crafty bows? Fun!

TRICKY said...

They are so cute! You could start a business!