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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Toy

I have been wanting a second camera body for a few reasons. If my D80 poops out I'll have a back up. Also there are times that Angela and I part ways and we need 2 cameras. You may wonder why I went with the D40, well its cheap. $375 here, it is a refurbished camera but looks brand new. It is only a 6 mp camera but is just fine for anything up to 8 X 10 prints (it would probably be fine for bigger prints also). I just don't print poster size very much. I also wanted something smaller which I can throw in a backpack or suitcase that won't take up much space. Here is a site that shows the size comparison between the 80 and 40.
I got a Super Clamp also which should be handy for lighting and camera positioning. Sometimes I can't get a tripod where I need to go and hopefully the super clamp will help out. There are a couple shots of the new camera on my flickr photo stream.


Anna said...

$375 that is cheap....You should get me one...