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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High Key Owen

Things have been a bit slow this week. I didn't have much to post about so I dug through some of the old photo's and grabbed this shot of Owen. I edited it up in Lightroom, I still have 17 days on my free trial. I am trying to decided if its worth the cash.
Owen loves to read, well have someone read to him. He is always bringing books to Angela and I to read. It sure is fun having kids in that age range. Maybe not the tantrums and whining but everything else is fun. It would also be nice if he were potty trained...Ok enough. ~Erik


Anonymous said...

This is one your best Owen shots - the high key background really draws your attention to his focus on the book. Nice shot!

Anna said...

I guess you can't blame the kid, but why is he reading Dora?! Give the kid Diego for crying out loud. :) Just kidding! Love you guys.

Jamma said...

Owen is such a cute little boy! It is so good that he loves books.