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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Say Whiskey!

I finally got home from my trip to Mexico. You will be seeing a few posts from the trip. I would have posted more while I was there but I we had too much packed into too little time. I was able to walk around Campeche for a few hours and take a few pictures the first day I was there. You can see the Campeche photo stream here. I will pull a few pictures from here and there on the next few posts. I asked Keith how to say cheese in Spanish so I could get kids to smile for pictures. I was informed that they say whiskey in Mexico instead of cheese. Hey, it seemed a bit weird to me, but as I was walking around the town square we saw some kids and they all started shouting "Whiskey!!!" So they got their pictures taken. Everyone was very friendly. Stay tuned tomorrow for "There be Pirates in them thar waters..."


Anna said...

Whiskey! That's awesome! Those pictures are so cool. I thought you were saying that Keith looked like a pirate at first when I read your most recent post. I was like, "Dude Erik you suck." Love ya!