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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That was then, This is now...

We decided to go up Russian River Falls trail this last weekend. The kids did great - it's 4.6 miles round trip. We went last year around the same time with our friends, the Hansens. We took pictures last year at this bridge which is about the halfway mark. We decided to pose them again to see the difference. You can tell they are all braver or crazier than last year because they are standing on the rail this year. They all have grown up - Owen even joined in on the fun. Addy was sleeping so she missed out.

Here are the latest family shots for the Masseys and the Hansens. When we were looking out over this spot at the falls, we saw a small black bear, but that's for another post. I'll let you guess whether we are writing this from the hospital or not.


Smedley Family said...

cute pics. hopefully i'll see you around at the TOFW thing. i'm totally stoked for you about the hotel!! it got me excited to see if he could get me one too and do a true wifes night out, but jas wasn't too thrilled with that since we are only 15 min away! haha see you there!!!

9 of Us said...

Glad you didn't see any bears up close and personal.