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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Potty Break

We went up to Anchorage this weekend and the weather was a bit crappy. I was planning on taking some picture of the fall colors, but it was too rainy. The only pictures I got were when we had to take a potty break for Kaitlyn. I have found that I have to post pictures of all three kids now as the older 2 monitor the blog.
I said I didn't get any other pictures; that isn't true. I am trying to stitch 91 pictures for a new gigapan. The computer has been chunking on it for more than 12 hours, so it may not work. It is a shot at the Hope turnoff on the way to Anchorage. If it works I will try and post it soon.

Thanks to Beth and Ian for watching the kids while we went shopping. We had to get a suit for my brother Keith who is getting married in October in Mexico. I will be going to Mexico to shoot their wedding, so stay posted in October for pictures from a Mexican wedding. I am pretty excited to go there. Keith's fiance (Jennifer) lives in Campeche Mexico, if you want to check it out on Google earth.

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Jamma said...

I hope it works...cute pictures even if they are just of the "Potty Break" You have such a cute little family.

Sadie said...

You two have, by far, the cutest kids in the Soldotna Ward. so I've heard.

Sod Fam said...

Angela, you look so beautiful! Just from your pictures you can totally tell that you are a great mom!