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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some like it dirty...Part 1 of 2

I have already talked about Angela's love for running, well maybe it could be classified as an obsession. One of the last runs of the year is the Elite fitness Mud Run. This was the second annual mud run, unfortunately she wasn't able to run in it last year. She was not going to miss it this year. Angela ran with her friends Becky and the Swanson women. I myself didn't run as I have a moral issue with running. Running is for people who don't have gas money. I am willing to let Angela run, especially if it makes her happy.
Anyways, about the run, it was really quite fun. There was a live band, food and a happy crowd. They gave prizes for the best mud pit entrance, best costume, and some other random prizes. Fortunately, Alaska didn't fail and provided enough rain for puddles and plenty of mud. The kids were able to run in the puddles and had a good time cheering for mom. I will let Angela write about the race tomorrow. Stayed tuned for dirtier pictures...no, not like that, don't be weird.

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Anonymous said...

The pics are great, thanks again Erik. It was definately one of the more entertaining runs I have done. It will definately need to be an annual tradition! Can't wait to see the dirty pics tomorrow...I am still cleaning mud from my ears. :)

Dana said...

Wow, what a crazy run. I can imagine it was fun just to get dirty like that. It just one of those things that parents don't do is get dirty but what a good excuse. I am glad yall had fun.

Dave and Loralee said...

GROSS about the ants, AWESOME for mud!!
I finally got around to making that fondant for a baby shower. LOVE it! It was sooooo easy to work with, and all the girls even liked the taste of it. Have you ever flavored yours? I was thinking almond extract might work... Have you made any other cakes lately?

The Kellers said...

Awesome mud! :)

Anna said...

That mud running looked like fun. I'm totally jealous of you crazy Alaskans.

Diane said...

Way to go Angela! How long was the run? That looks like one crazy down and diry run! :)