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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sockeye Salmon Fishing Trip

Something magical happens every July in Soldotna, the salmon start running up the Kenai river. It is a wonderful event that helps reaffirm the reason for living in this frozen wasteland they call Alaska. Angela grew up in southern California where they don't condone the killing of fish but love sushi, go figure. We decided that it would be a fun date to go salmon fishing. I don't want to brag but I have killed my fair share and thought it would be fun to teach Angela. I will narrate the event as spoken by Angela and I. We started out at the Hofseth's, whom I work with.

Angela "Dude, Erik I don't know what I'm doing..."

Erik "Just make sure you are hitting the bottom..."

The sky was nice and dramatic as seen in the picture. After 5 minutes pass, Angela hooks a fish.

A-"Erik!!!! I have a fish, what do I doooooo?"
E-"Dude, just calm down and reel." Yes we do call each other dude a lot. "Turn and smile for the camera."
A- "What camera?" Bling, the award winning smile.

I had to put the camera down to net the fish, sorry no pictures of that.
A- "Now what?" Fish flopping on the ground.
E- "You have to bonk the fish."
A-"Me, but I am such a girl."
E- "If you can catch it you can whack it. Hit it on the head." Angela first few attempts were a bit wimpy.
E- "Dude, put down your purse and hit it." She gets a bit more aggressive "Stop hitting the body, we eat the meat. Hit the head, we don't eat that."
A- "Dude, I can't help it if I am such a girl."
E- "Stop playing the girl card. Now pick up the fish for a picture."
A- "Eeww, where do I pick it up?"
E- "By its gill plate."

A- "Eeww, hurry and take the picture." Click. End of story.

The above picture was taken when I wasn't aware. You may notice the pooh eating grin I have on my face, I get that during 3 weeks in July when I am catching sockeye salmon. The pictures below are of the fish we caught. The last picture is Jason and I being a bit silly. Jason was showing Angela how to hold the fish and Angela was able to catch this tender moment with the camera. Sorry for the long narrative. ~Erik


Coburn Kids said...

Is that my sister? My sister wouldn't do that! God bless Alaska.

I'm tired of not being able to whack salmon on the head. Stinkin' California. Take care dudes.

Smedley Family said...

That's pretty sweet to just fish from right there. Beats all the hillbillies, drunks, and tourists snag'n your line! Hey Erik, we are planning on coming down friday after Jas gets home from work, could you shoot me an email about where a good place to camp is. Doesn't matter, we just want it nice and not too far away. Thanks, appreciate it. Nice work Angela!! I don't like holding them either.

9 of Us said...

Too cute Angela! See, girls can get slimy too. As a kid, I used to like to look through the fish guts to see what they ate (only works on halibut), and I turned out all right. :) Way to go you Alaskan woman.

Jamma said...

Way to go Angela!!! Looks like a lot of fun, but I don't think you would catch me fishing....I wouldn't want to clean them or even touch them for that matter...but I do love to eat them. You guys are so cute and I am glad that you can do things together. Take care...Love Aunt Diane. Oh by the way...nice pictures as usual!

Wammack Family said...

Nice job Angela! That is one awesome fish narrative.

Unknown said...

I loved that. It's funny to read the narrative behind the cute smiles in your photos. What a fun date. Good job Angela! I don't think I could EVER do that. I can't believe you were able to beat a fish! haha:)

Fishin' Ponds said...

E: Loved the narrative...and the "pooh eating grin". Shayne gets that grin about March when it's "warm" enough to only clear the ice out of your guides every 5 minutes as opposed to every 30 seconds! :)

A: Yeah for you!! You are ALMOST an Alaskan woman now...Now all you have to do is go dip-netting in a pair of neoprene waders from the beach! Just kidding...no one should have to wear neoprene waders! I've very impressed you "put down the purse" and bonked the fish...and grabbed it by it's bloody gills! You are awesome!

massey said...

Now you just need to know how to gut the thing and your there! - I had no idea you had not killed salmon yet....Way to go!!!!
Reed said, Annie you've got to take a look at Erik and Angela's blog - it's hilarious! He said he didn't want to ruin it for me. The play-by-play was perfect ~ Annie