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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Owen and Greenhouse...

Last but not least we get to our little monster Owen. One word to describe Owen: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He is a mama's boy to the extreme, and even at 13 months he wants to be held constantly or he is screaming. But, look at that cute face - I guess that makes up for it. He also is super cuddly and lovey which is different from how our girls were as babies. He is pretty somber most of the time, but he can get silly along with everyone else. He likes to growl, click his tongue, blow on his mom's tummy and laugh at his "sists" (that's sisters in Owen language). He is a sweet baby, and, hey, I'm sure he'll grow out of this phase of wanting Mom to never leave his side, right? ~Angela

This Saturday we had a photo guild shoot at a local greenhouse. You can see the greenhouse in the first panoramic. It is nice to see some color and flowers even though it was snowing outside. Also I was able to borrow a macro lens from Scott and Tami. Thanks again, Scott. You see that the lens takes very nice pictures. I also took a couple shots around the house. Kaitlyn is my eye model as always. The next shot was some water droplets on a cd.

I have been thinking about taking some shots at work because we have had some terrific sunrises. You can tell from the pictures that it was a nice and clear morning. I think that it was about 10 F outside and my fingers got a bit chilly. I really like my sigma 10-20 lens. Like always, please leave comments and what you like and don't like. ~Erik


massey said...

You do a great job with these photos! I enjoy them so much. Congrats on the new lens!!
Sounds like all is well in winter-wonderland.

Unknown said...

Hey Angela! I found your blog from your brothers blog a few weeks ago. I just wanted to leave you a comment & say hi. You have adorable kids. My little boy is a huge momma's boy as well. Boys are fun.
We have a private blog now (we had some weird comments from strangers), but send me an email if you would like an invite.

9 of Us said...

You do a great job with Owen, Angela. The Lord must have just thought you have the patience of Job. This too shall pass. :) The pics are great. I can't wait to get my own greenhouse going soon.

Tyler 2nd RS said...

I would love to squeeze Owen's cheeks!! He is so cute, it is sad that we have not even met him!! Maybe next month for Keith's wedding?? I like the pictures too. I love macro photography!

Dave and Loralee said...

Owen is super cute, and those other pics are AWESOME. You're doing a great job learning stuff and applying it! One day I'll actually sit down and read the manual to our point and shoot camera. I won't let myself get a super nice camera until I know I'm capable of following the manual-you'll be my inspiration!
ps-I wish we lived near each other-kali and emma would be such great friends!