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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are some Easter pictures for everyone. We had a nice Easter. Some of the pictures are from an awesome party that we went to on Friday. They had so many eggs for the kids to collect and we really had a fun time. The other pictures are from Easter morning. (Sorry for the nudity - our girls are always in their panties.) Anyways, the kids had fun and then we had dinner at Erik's parents' house which is always nice. We had a good day. You can see in at least one of the pictures our new red wall. We painted this weekend and replaced light fixtures and I love it. Happy Easter to all our friends and family. We love you!

Here is my favorite shot of the week. It took quite a while to get the shot, you can check out some of my other shots at alaskamasseyphoto. I am starting to migrate more of my non-family related shots to the other website. I will problably post one or two of my favorite here but keep the majority on the other site. ~Erik


9 of Us said...

Love the Easter pics. Looks like you had fun. I like the red wall too...looks like a color I would use on my walls. Good job.

Donovan Hansen said...

I found your blog on the UTOG mission website. We've been communicating through a mutual friend for a few weeks, just wondering what you've been up to. Nice blog by the way. My wife is getting ours running, I'll shoot you a link when she says it's ready. Email me: donovan.hansen@gmail.com

massey said...

I could really see a difference in Kali and Owen and how big they are getting in these pics!! Everyone looks good!!!! Love Annie

Wammack Family said...

I love the photos of your kids! They are such cute little ones.