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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Will these Hawaii Posts ever end?

Well we made it home yesterday. When we left Hawaii it was 80 degrees and when we got to Alaska it was -20 F. Yes, that's right, a 100 degree difference; needless to say the family is freezing. I will probably only post about Hawaii one more time with some edited pictures. The last couple days the sun finally came out. We went to Turtle Bay beach. We aren't rich enough to stay at the hotel but we did pay the five bucks to park in the parking lot and walk to the public beach. You can see by the pictures that the water was very clear and the sun was shining. It was also nice that there weren't any thugs at this beach just a lot of rich yuppies. I find that rich yuppies are less likely to steal your camera bag.

I had talked about going on a glider ride because I had seen it on the internet. All I can say is sweeeet! They weren't busy when we went and I got into a plane right away. My pilot took me up in the aerobatic plane even though I only paid for a scenic ride. They strap you in with a parachute and 5 point harness. A small prop plane towed us up to 2000 ft and released us from the tow rope. We flew around for a bit then the pilot got a bit bored and we started doing some aerobatics. The last photo in this series was taken when we were upside down. I didn't last too long doing stunts before I started to get sick. Fortunately the pilot was accommodating and landed shortly afterwards. I would highly recommend taking a glider ride if you are in Hawaii.

Lost again? While we were flying the pilot pointed out some "Lost" spots. You can see the first shot is the same "Others Camp" that Angela was posed in front of. The second shot is the beach where they had the original wreck. I guess they had plane parts all over the beach while they were doing the shooting. The last shot is a lake that they were doing some shooting the last couple months. They build a houseboat and it should be seen in this season. Stay posted and maybe you will see it.

Final thoughts: Kaitlyn's favorite tourist spot was Matsumoto's Shaved Ice in Hale'iwa. She asked to go there everyday. Kali's favorite things were playing at the beach and watching the chickens and baby chicks at the yurts. Owen just liked crawling as fast as possible into the water and dipping his face in it. He also liked eating sand, probably the salty flavor. Angela enjoyed the yurts, for the fact that there was no TV and the kids had to entertain themselves all the time. It was fun to hear the stories and games they made up. She also liked just playing in the water with the family. I liked surfing, glider rides, PCC, our rental house, taking pictures and spending time with the family. All in all we are very pleased with our trip to Hawaii.


Tessa's Blog said...

Hey guys Im glad that you made it back safely. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. Im so jealous I love that island. I swear I know the places you took pictures of--I guess I should since I lived there for a year and a half. Anyway welcome home and hopefully it doesn't stay too cold for you guys!

Diane said...

Wow! Great vacations! Great shots of your adventures as well. I'm a total LOST fan too and thought it was awesome that you got to see some of the places where it was filmed. The kids are adorable! It's always fun to read up on your family.