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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fish and Family Night

A lady in our ward gave us a plate of cupcakes for Family Night. The kids were so excited (as you can tell from the pictures). So, after a short "treasure hunt" through the house the kids got their cupcakes. The halloween picture is one we just dug up off of our old camera and we thought it was fun. Our new fish is named Happy Fin Valentine. Such a long name for such a small fish. We got the fish on Valentine's Day, so Kali insisted that its name be Valentine. Kaitlyn liked Happy Fin. After a little bit of fighting about it, they compromised with Happy Fin Valentine. Kaitlyn tries to call it Happy Fin still, saying it is a nickname, but Kali is quick to correct her. Anyways, for those of you familiar with our old fish, the girls are just happy to have a fish that swims and acts like it is alive. We're not brave enough for a cat or a dog, so for now, the girls are content with a fish. ~Angela

I have been working on refining my droplet taking technique. I got a few droplets that turned out ok. Water takes on shapes of its own. There is a pretty cool website that showcases droplet shots. Tell me which ones you like the best. I appreciate the feedback that I have been getting on my photos. Keep up the good work. I think that the 5th droplet shot looks like a person. Kinda creepy. Enjoy ~Erik


mexicanmassey said...

congratulations for the pictures we think they are very good,also my mom told me to tell you that they were amazing pictures.You should call the 5th picture the prayer man!!.
with love
Keith and Jennifer

Jamma said...

I just love all of your pictures...it is so fun keeping in touch through blogs. Thanks for keeping yours so up to date. The children are darling...Love to you all...Aunt Diane

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were into photography. Cool pictures, and a beautiful family.


Kari said...

Love the droplets! I can't decide--like them all, especially the crater one. And you're right, the last one does look like a man! Erik, did you get your photography license at BYU, or is this just a very talent filled hobby? I love looking at your photos!
Kari Hennefer