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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kenai Peninsula Fair

Erik converted a bunch of pictures for me so I can keep blogging. Last weekend we went to the smallest little fair. We go every year, and, really, it's perfect for my kids being the ages they are. Erik and Owen were on a Father/Son campout, so they didn't get to join in the madnesss. I talked the girls into entering things into the exhibit portion of the fair because there just aren't that many people who enter. They have so many categories and subcategories and award a first, second, and third place for each one. So, Kaitlyn won first in her age division for pastels. Kali won second for watercolors and I won first for my cinnamon rolls. (I didn't have anyone competing against me in the sweet roll division, but it was still a boost to my ego.)

The girls also marched in the parade with Senator Murkowski. Before the parade they announced that they had more entries than ever before - over 15. Wow! Kaitlyn said it was the best day of her life. -Angela


Tyler Little said...

I'm diggin' Kali's red hair. Sad we missed it.

Ian and Beth Leach said...

Ahhhh, small town fairs. I love it!!!