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Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting old quick

Oliver is growing like a weed. His talents keep developing. He has mastered the army crawl and has started trying to pull himself up to things (which has resulted in a few mild head injuries). He is starting to babble more and get into all sorts of predicaments. The other day I was playing with the kids when I realized I didn't know where Oliver had gone. I asked the kids if they saw where he went. No one knew. After about 30 seconds we found him trapped under the bed, small enough to crawl under, but not smart enough to find a way out. We sure do love this little monster. He is as sweet as they come and so easy going. -Angela


James said...

Oliver is yet more proof that you can immediately identify a Massey. I don't think our kids have enough facial features in common to be immediately recognizable as Wammacks.