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Monday, February 22, 2010


What can I say? I like that picture of O-buddy. It captures his personality so well. Owen can be quite charming when he wants to be. He is growing up so fast. This last week or so, he seems to be doing so good and listening so much better and he's happier. I remember when Kaitlyn turned three, it was like magic. She changed into a totally sweet and fun girl - left the terrible twos in the dust. Owen seems to be going through the same magical transformation. He's not perfect, but life for me has gotten a lot easier with him, and I can enjoy him a lot more. Love you, Owen! -Angela


LA Law said...

Isn't it crazy how they seem to change overnight?

mexicanmassey said...

Owney and Kali are so darn cute! We hope to be able to visit Alaska this year... that's our goal! Love you guys

Keith and Jennifer

Coburn Kids said...

Man, Bryson left the terrible two's and entered the tantrum threes. The boy is driving me nuts! Whiny and demanding. I'm just looking forward to the fabulous fours. Hoping relief comes soon. Glad to hear that Owen is better for you though. He is rather charming with those big blue eyes.