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Monday, January 11, 2010

You can't swim outside in January

Erik told me it's my turn to write, so here it goes my ode to home, sweet home. How I love Southern California in January - the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we are swimming. We had amazing weather in both Washington and California. We were especially lucky to go swimming two days in a row at my Uncle Mike and Aunt Brianna's home. They were so nice to let us invade their backyard and swim in their gorgeous pool! The kids had a blast. Owen sure loves the water, almost to the point of it being scary because he's not afraid of anything. Luckily, Mike and Brianna had a life vest he could wear so he wasn't too kamikaze. My dad loved throwing him around. This was my nephew, Elliott's, first time swimming. He's 3 weeks older than Oliver and super cute. He seemed to like swimming too. Oliver missed out on the madness because of his ear infection, but I think he still enjoyed being outside and watching. The girls especially loved the hot tub. Don't they look so happy? Fun times, fun times! -Angela


Miles and Bex said...

Sure beats the Nikiski Pool!

Brianna said...

We are so glad you guys had a good time. We are so sad that we were not able to say good bye to all of you. We love you tons and miss you already. We hope we can come up and visit again soon. Hey Erik great pics, you made our yard look good even with all the playground construction going on. Love you guys.