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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sorry for the delay

Well, we made it to Washington and have been staying in a farmhouse. Unfortunately, they don't have internet in farmhouses...maybe some farmhouses but not this one. The picture up top is the house we are staying at. The kids have been having a great time. What isn't there to love about stinky animals and poo on your shoes? The kids don't know what to do with all the fun times they are having with their cousins. In the last picture Kali is huggin her new BFF, her cousin Evie. They sneak into any empty room to talk about their secret stuff. If you try and creep in they very matter of factly tell you they are having private talks and you need to leave. I will post a few more in the next few days. We are getting ready to head to San Diego. Fun in the sun, hopefully. ~Erik