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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dude, where is your shirt?

Sometimes Owen tries to act like a man. We try and put a coat on him and he says something like, "Real men don't wear coats, or shirts for that matter!" Generally we protest with something like, "We live in the arctic, there is snow outside." He doesn't care, Owen just says, "Give me my purple and pink gloves and I am good to go." It's amazing that he is still alive with all that testosterone packed into such a small body. ~Erik
PS- for all those people that will call child services on us, he was only outside for about 3 minutes without his coat on. After he got his coat on he started drinking and shooting the shotgun at the neighbor's dog. Didn't get that one on camera.


Dana said...

Wasn't this the same boy that wanted to play with barbies and you demanded to go and and get him a gun to play with?? That maleness comes straight from his dad!!! I had a girl who would try to go out in the snow with just her diaper on. Are they crazy?? Its the freekin frozen tundra out there.

Karen said...

Owen must have really worked up a good sweat picking on his sisters that's why he didn't need the coat. Cute kids!!

massey said...

This is too funny. Can't wait till CR "Becomes a real man!"

mexicanmassey said...

Rafael can't even be in air conditioning without his hands turning to ice cubes... I guess he has more mexican blood than alaskan blood! Love the pics!