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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sorry about not posting much this week, it has been a bit crazy. I have been taking pictures and here are a few of them. In the shot above we were raking the leaves in the front yard and Owen was having a grand time. You can't tell by the picture but he was actually really helpful. Below are a couple pictures of the girls. We went to a recently remodeled kiddie park in the area. Well you can't really see the park, but it's there. The last picture was taken last night. The girls went over to a friends house so it was boy party time. We went to the store and got a cap gun for Owen. That kid loves guns, we told him it is only for shooting bears. That may sound a bit crazy, but bears eat people in Alaska. ~Erik


josh said...

I have smoke envy

Anna said...

Cap guns rule. My kids love it, but I make them go outside because one too many times Ethan thought it would be funny to do it right behind me...not very funny. You can imagine it, right?!