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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flower Girls

Part of the photo shoot from the previous post. Hauled out one of my big lights to take these shots. I just can't get enough of the colors during the summer here in Alaska. The girls aren't too excited about getting their pictures taken but they put up with me. Maybe someday they will appreciate these pictures. Until then you have to humor me by looking at the blog. ~Erik
Setup Shot


Anna said...

Ahhhh, that's so adorable. The kids are going to love these pictures when they grow up! Of course. They might be scarred for life, but that's better than getting nucked on the head for chewing with your mouth open, right?

Unknown said...

Kaitlyn and Kali,
I love the flower crowns!! You look so cute.

Grandma Debbie

Miranda J said...

These photos are adorable! they will definitely thank you.

AK DeGray said...

Where did you find the daisies and fireweed?

Alaska Massey said...

The pictures were taken out in Sterling.