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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Haircuts!

Erik likes to shave his head during the summer. Owen, always wanting to be like Dad, wanted his head shaved too. So, the other night, much to my chagrin, Erik buzzed Owen's head. My poor little bald baby, but Owen loves it and thinks he's so cool. The girls are never willing to let Owen have all the fun, so they insisted on haircuts too. Kali looked online at different do's and then saw her cousin, Evelyn, on her blog. She decided she wanted hair just like Evie. I did my best and Kali thinks she's so cute now. Kaitlyn decided she just wanted bangs, and to keep the rest of her hair the same. It's amazing how much haircuts change the way they look (especially to a mom). I keep doing double takes through out the day. They are all happy campers and love their hair, and that's what counts. -Angela


Ian and Beth Leach said...

That's awesome. I haven't told Ian yet, but I gave myself bangs too. Me and the girls would be twinners, but I also dyed it black again. I'm not going to post any pics though because I'm not sure I like it. Come visit us soon, Ian is home this weekend. We will be coming down with Ryan's crew.

Anna said...

I love it! Sooo cute! Evie and Kali are twinners!!!

Dana said...

YOu could shave them all bald and they would still be georgous! I think you have a hard time knowing how to make nothing but beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Sooo cute! Evie and Kali are twinners!!!

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