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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where is Nikiski?

So a few years back the Russian settled this area. They gave many of the towns different names. Soldotna, Kenai and Nikiski. If you haven't ever been here you are probably pronouncing them wrong. Hey even people who have lived here for a long time still pronounce them wrong. Anyways, last weekend Nikiski had their summer celebration. We refer to a few of the towns around here as the "End of the Road". This is quite simply because that is where the road ends. You get a unique set of individuals who migrate towards the end of the road. Some are a bit reclusive, some are hiding from someone and some just want to grow pot in peace. This community celebration is a time for them to come out and enjoy the summer. You know as I am writing this, I am thinking what a good time we had. I think we fit in a bit too well. I guess we are a bit weird too. Here are some pictures from the party. ~Erik
P.S. The last shot of Kali was too sweet to not throw in.


Sadie said...

Man I miss Alaska, I fit in so well up there!

Ian and Beth Leach said...

Dude, What was Kali's problem? Ian says that he's never seen Kali pout like that in real life. I reminded him that she has no reason to pout because he gives her everything she wants.

massey said...

Erik, Very well put regarding those "North Roaders!

Anna said...

I miss those wierdos too!!!