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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Drop Contest

Kaitlyn's kindergarten class had an egg drop contest. Above is the design we went with. It consisted of 2 sheets of paper taped together then rolled into a cone shape. We added 3 tissues in the bottom of the cone, placed the egg on the tissues then added another 3 tissues on top. You can see by the picture that it is a very minimalistic design.
You can see in the picture below that Kaitlyn was stoked about the design. She even gave it a sweet paint job. Unfortunately her friends doubted her design and said her egg would break. She started getting a bit worried.

You can see the principal on the roof dropping the egg contraptions. Some of the eggs cracked, some didn't. Finally it was Kaitlyn's turn. Her egg rocket dropped to the ground straight as an arrow and landed with an audible thud. You could almost hear the crowd say, "Poor little girl with the dead beat dad that makes crappy contraptions..." Kaitlyn ran up and to her surprise the egg was still intact. She removed the egg and triumphantly raised it above her head as if to say, "What's up now, my dad is the MAN!" Then she pump faked the crowd... Well maybe I embellished, but the egg didn't break.

You can see in the picture below how excited Kaitlyn was, raising her little kindergartner arms in the air. As a bit of a side note. The egg didn't break because the paper and tissues absorbed the shock of hitting the ground. It decreased the rate of deceleration upon impact. You can see in the first picture where the paper absorbed the impact, it is a bit crumpled in the tip. The cone design allowed the egg to drop consistently every time, kind of like an arrow. If you find yourself in an egg drop contest consider this design. Can't say it isn't easy. ~Erik


Karen said...

Way to go Kaitlyn!!! Awesome job!!

Tyler 2nd RS said...

I guess she finally got soe use out of her dead-beat engineer dad eh.... Way to go Kaityln! Would have loved to have seen it!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the egg didn't break or I would have suggested to Kaitlyn that she make you wear that dunce cap to your work!!


Sadie said...

Smarty pants family!! How fun! Good Job Kaityln!

Anna said...

That is the exact design that won me my egg drop contest in elementary school!!! No joke. The only bad part is that we had to go on the gym roof to drop it with our teacher, which was a million feet high to me at the time and drop it. But, it worked and I won. Congrats Katie!!!