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Thursday, January 29, 2009

This One's For My Mother-In-Law

My mother in law has this thing for firefighters. Don't really know whats its all about, but my wife mentions her mom's dirty little secret every now and again. Now these guys aren't full time fire fighters, they are part of our refinery's fire brigade. Working in an oil refinery you run the risk of things catching on fire, so you need a response team that can act quickly. They have done a wonderful job eliminating any fires at the facility.
They asked me to take pictures for them and the photos seemed to turn out pretty good. For the group shot I went a bit crazy with the lights. I threw a couple blue gelled lights in the fire engine cab and had some umbrellas and bare lights to expose the group correctly. For the shot below I used 2 strobes on the ground with red and blue gels aimed at the fire truck. Tried to get the red and blue flashing light look. It was a good shoot and we had a good time. Debbie, enjoy the pictures... ~Erik
Other pictures here and here.


Coburn Kids said...

The firemen are a safe bet. Just don't put any Sparklettes men on here or we may not be able to put that fire out.

Anna said...

NIIIIIIICCCCEEE. Those are the kind of firefighters I think of!