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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day without the kids, Woo Hoo!

The benefit of having Angela's parents here is that they volunteered to watch the kids for us. We probably should have spent the day at the beach relaxing but we decided to go for a kayak/hike adventure. We went a couple miles up the Wailua River to the Secret Falls. The picture below shows Angela swimming below the falls, yep that is her, the small ant in the pool. You can not tell by the picture but about 2 minutes after we took the picture no less than 150 people showed up. Someone apparently let the secret out of Secret Falls. I set up some strobes here and got a couple shots, but the mass of people cramped my style.
We started hiking back and came across another small falls that we had missed on the way up. No one was here so I was able to set up the flashes and get a couple decent shots. The picture above was taken at these falls. The lighting by the falls was a bit tough because the sun was going in and out of the clouds and was giving me some fits with the exposure. It didn't help that I had the camera superclamped to a shaky twig sticking out of the ground. Here are a few more pictures by this waterfall, here and here.
After we got back from the waterfall hike we went up to a swimming hole where we played on a rope swing. You can see the picture below. It was raining on and off but it was nice to be out without the kids. In the picture below you can see the kayak we used. I think that is enough writing for now. As always there are more picture here... ~Erik


Dana said...

I am so jealous. YOu have the best of both worlds. YOur family around but the chance to go and spend some time in Hawaii by your self. That looks like soooo much fun.

Anna said...

I am totally jealous too. But I think I take more pleasure knowing that you will freeze your tushes off when you get back home. hmmmahhh hmmmahh. Just kidding. That looks like so much fun!!!

Smedley Family said...

LOVE that first pic!!! frame it!! You guys look like you should be in a lost episode! maybe it's just because i can't wait for it to start, and the fact that hmm ... YOU ARE IN HAWAII!!!

yup ... we are all still jealous ... and the weather here is STILL -20!!!! don't come home :)

Jamma said...

Glad you were able to get away...looks like you found a beautiful spot and had a great time. You are such a cute couple.

KML said...

A few years ago Jim, his brother, and I boogie boarded our way up the Wailua River! We didn't make it as far as you did on your kayaks, but we sure got a lot of cameras snapping our way by Japanese tourists! It was a great workout but we really did feel quite foolish! Looks like you are having a great time!