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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A picture doesn't tell the whole story...

We decorated the house and Christmas tree last weekend. I have been a bit slow with this post. I find it funny that the pictures I take are rarely reflective of what is really going on. I find that in the shots I post, everything always looks fun, everyone is happy, and life is good in general. In real life usually I threaten to beat the kids, they run around and won't pose. For just a split second they stop running and that's where I snap the picture and life is good. Yep, it's only for a second, but, because of the pictures, it will forever be remembered as a happy day. Here are some more shots from the decoration session. In a month from now I will look at the pictures and think, wow that was fun. I do remember growing up and some of the fun times we had decorating. My sister has a little glimpse of what it was like. Enjoy the pictures and remember that a picture doesn't tell the whole story. Sorry for the rambling. ~Erik


Dana said...

That is totally true isn't it. I think I like it that way. My memories are mostly happy. You forget that behind that picture someone just puked and you were yelling at them for running through it so they could get to the bathroom and throw up again. And another kid instead of helping is throwing the breakable glass balls across the room because after all they were just balls. And another kids crying because they didn't get to put up the decoration that they wanted to. And it could go on and on. Especially at our house. But when its all done and it looks so nice and the "spirit" is there those are happy memories.

Anna said...

That is so fun. There's only really a few memories that I remember of Dad getting really mad.
1. Christmas decorations
2. Permanent marker fight with Beth
( which resulted in a bath where we had to scrub with Comet. Not smart by today's standards.)
3. Bad manners at the table, for which you got a "knuck" with the other side of a butter knife

Hope dad isn't reading this I'll get a "knuck" over the phone.