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Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween

Here's the whole family on Halloween night. This was after the kids were finished trick or treating. Our ward does a Trunk or Treat which is nice when it is 21 degrees outside. The kids get a great trick or treat experience in about a half hour. We layer up the kids really good. Kaitlyn didn't put a jacket on the whole time (she had 3 shirts and tights, long underwear and pants on under her costume). The picture below is Frogilina - our prize winning pumpkin, complete with fake eyelashes. The picture says I heart Froggy with kiss marks all around it. This was Kaitlyn's favorite part to make. You can see it's nothing great, but even with nothing spectacular you can win prizes in a small town. Erik promised I won't have to write any more Halloween posts. -Angela


Wammack Family said...

That is an awesome pumpkin. My girls love the Froggy books as well.

Jamma said...

What a cute family.....Thank you for sharing the winning pumpkin. You did a great job.