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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snow Party

It's the weekend and I am not grounded anymore. My wife is pleased with me again so I am back in the saddle. Mid week we had some snow. It was a bit early but we got a few inches. The kids had a fun time playing in it and Angela was ready to move. You can see in the first picture Angela captured a cute shot of Owen right before he got pelted in the head with a snowball from the girls. Monster kids I tell you, they look innocent, but they are wild. In the next post you will see that all the snow is gone. So sad for Angela...~Erik


Jamma said...

I am so glad that you are back and that everything is good. Burr it looks so cold, but the kids sure look like they are having a great time. Keep warm...not to make Angela sad or anything, but I went swimming yesterday....it was a beautiful day!! Love you all!

Anna said...

Well, you are not alone in the snow! We woke Sunday morning to about 4 inches outside. The kids were up and ready to play right away. buck took the kids sledding after church. I guess we're supposed to have 70's again in a few days, I'm sure it's not global warming though...:)