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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anchorage Trip

We took a trip up to Anchorage to help my sister and husband move. I suckered my little brother into coming also. We drove the truck up and pulled a trailer too. It was a bit tight in the truck and Owen kept kicking Matt's back. Matt had enough and said he just wanted to sleep in the back of the truck. I thought it was a bit weird since it was 35 F outside but he had been accommodating by helping with the move. So we threw him in the back. Kind of looks like a homeless guy that jumped in the back of the truck. I told Matt that if a cop pulled us over I would act really surprised like some homeless dude jumped into the truck without us knowing.
The second picture is showing some fall colors. The leaves are dropping fast. The first picture is a shot of the mirror on the truck and I thought it looked cute. Enjoy. ~Erik


Unknown said...

Are you making tons of money off of your pictures? Because if you're not, you should be. They are INSANE!

Alaska Massey said...

Nope, not tons of money but I am making tons of memories. ~Erik

9 of Us said...

Wow, how bad was Owen being?!! Teenagers! That is hilarious.