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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is this school?

Kaitlyn went off for her first day of kindergarten this week. We're a little slower than all of our fellow bloggers getting the first school day pictures posted. I blame it entirely on Erik who likes to draw out our family trips into multiple posts. He thinks it adds drama or something (I just think he's weird). Anyways, she was super excited and was bouncing around the house all morning. She carefully chose her outfit and the contrasting bows in her hair. I did try to talk her into a different hairdo, but I decided not to push it and let her have her way if it made her feel good about herself. She ended up pretty cute all on her own. She is now a proud student at Redoubt Elementary (named for Mt. Redoubt, an active volcano here in Alaska) and has come home each day this week with a green paper frog, which basically means she did a good job sucking up to the teacher. Erik has asked her every day what she has learned. "Did you learn your ABC's? Did they teach you how to add? Did you do any work?" Kaitlyn responds by talking about the stories her teacher read to her and her gym class or music class. Erik then responds, "Hasn't your teacher ever taught anyone before? What are you going to school for?" I just laugh. I keep telling him that it's just kindergarten and only the first week. They are just trying to teach them how to follow rules and routines and such. Whether she's learning or not, she seems to love it and is getting a little more confident each day.


Dana said...

Oh she looks like such a cute little kindergartner!!!

Tyler 2nd RS said...

She is going to do so well in school. She looks so grown up standing in front of the school! How can she be in kindergarden already??

Wammack Family said...

Congrats to Kaitlyn on her first day of school! She looks very cute.

Anna said...

I can't wait for Ethan to start going to school. And P.S. Sorry about the call from mom today. She convinced me that I should call to see if you had room on the boat. So, sorry! Love you guys.

akmamaof4 said...

What a wonderful girl Kaitlyn is. She is such a joy to see each day! I feel very blessed that she was placed in my classroom and hope her Kindergarten experience will be one she remembers for years to come.
Mrs. Caston
ps. Thank you Kaitlyn (and family)for sharing your blog with me.