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Monday, August 4, 2008

Halibut Chowder

Here at the Massey house we are fans of anything that is fattening and tastes good. There has been a lot of halibut posts lately so we wanted to share one of our favorite recipes, halibut chowder. This is what you will need.

3 cups of milk
1 pack of Cream cheese
3 cans of Cream of potato soup
2 cans of Cream of mushroom
1 cream sicle (just kidding, seeing if you are paying attention)
1/2 can of sliced carrots
1 bunch of green onion
Halibut chunks 3/4 lb (more of less depending on you love of chunky's)
Johny Seafood seasoning or lemon pepper

Start by bringing milk to a boil then quickly adding cream cheese and lowering temperature. Melt cream cheese and then add soups. While soup is simmering start sauteing halibut chunks. Saute with butter, garlic and green onions until the fish turns from translucent to white. Don't overcook halibut chunks. Add the halibut chunks along with can of sliced carrots and Johnny seafood seasoning (or lemon pepper, season to taste) to soup and allow to simmer for ~30 min.

Sauteing onion and garlic, Angela yelling at me for taking pictures and starting to burn the garlic.

Angela has taken over so I wouldn't screw anything else up, you can see the halibut has turned almost all white, just about ready to go in the soup.

Adding halibut and seasoning to soup.

Garnish and serve, wallah great tasting halibut chowder.


Dana said...

Oh Angela that looks so yummy!!!!

Jamma said...

Thanks for sharing!! It looks sooooooo good. I will have to give it a try. You guys are so cute!

Smedley Family said...

oooo, picture to boot! now if i screw it up it's my own dang fault! im so anxious!