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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer fun...

My mom and grandma have been visiting with us and we've be able to get out and do some fun things. Erik went out fishing Friday morning almost caught a 7 foot salmon shark. As he was reeling up a halibut the shark came to the surface and bit his fish. You can see the marks on the halibut. After the fishing trip he picked up the family for a trip over to Seldovia, a cute little town you can only fly or boat to. It was rainy and gray, but we still had a fun time walking around. On Saturday we went to Erik's company picnic, which is always a favorite for me. The kids had a blast playing games and digging for money and getting new toys. Erik played in a volleyball tournament and took first place. We made my mom and grandma tag along, but they seemed to have a fun time too. It was just very cold! We've enjoyed having visitors and we'll try to take more pictures of them to post. ~Angela


9 of Us said...

Seldovia looks like fun. We really need to do that sometime. Glad your having fun with your mom and gma, how special for you.