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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soccer games and Hairdos

Kaitlyn had her last day of soccer today, and we finally got around to taking pictures. She's done great and really improved. It was called a jamboree today and the gym was packed, the kids were tired of being there and Erik thought it would be a good idea to snap a picture of me. I think my expression says it all - we didn't want to be there. But, Kaitlyn sure had fun (especially with the boy sitting next to her in the medals picture). She thought he was cute.

We were cleaning up the yard and Erik took a few pictures that I thought were gorgeous! He is such a great photographer. Kali looks like such a doll. The last pictures are the before and after of the summer hairdos for the boys. Erik thought Owen needed the same look as him - hair in the winter and shaved heads for the summer. Handsome boys, nonetheless.


Smedley Family said...

Ahhh, a girl after my own heart!! Gotta love soccer!! I love that picture of the girls!! We went to the Sea Life Center today, and I didn't realize how AWESOME that picture is of the Sea Lion and your little girl. Way to go. He's a BEAST. He was biting all the ladies while we were there. Don't want to get rolled over by that tank! -Lisa

Tyler 2nd RS said...

Go Kaitelyn!! She looks like she was a very good little soccer player! And cute boys can make anything more exciting! As for the shaved summer hair cuts... just let Owen be Erik, he definetly looks unhappy in the last shot! It's not warm enough in AK for the whole shaved head thing! The kids are so cute! We are exited to see you guys!!